Roadmap for Choregraphe on MacOS 12/ARM and beyond?

Posted over 1 year ago by Wolf

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what is the roadmap for Choregraphe and Robot Settings to be able to run on MacOS 12 and beyond on AppleSilicon (ARM)?  

Thanks, Wolfgang

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Robin.glauser posted about 1 year ago

I was able to use Choregraphe on my Mac with M1 by using Parallels. The ARM Version of Windows has a x86 emulation layer and so I was able to install and use Choregraphe with it without major issues. (The only issues I had were the ones I had on native Windows as well.)

No possibility to open source choregraphe so the community could extend, rebuild and use it?

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Lukas Brandt

Lukas Brandt posted over 1 year ago

Hey Wolfgang,
I know that the Setup is not working on modern macOS Versions.
But you can try downloading the Binaries:

You may have to disable Gatekeeper and the Apple Quarantine for the binaries:

sudo spctl --add choregraphe-suite-
sudo xattr -dr choregraphe-suite-

After that you can run Choregraphe in the folder with:


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Wolf posted over 1 year ago

Could you also please confirm or correct:


Choregraphe 2.8.x seems to work up to macOS 10.14 Mojave (due to some internal 32-bit code dependencies?)

RobotSettings 2.8.6 seems to work up to macOS 10.15 Catalina (or macOS 11 Big Sur? - I couldn't get it running on macOS 12 Monterey/x86)

Thanks, Wolfgang 

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