Root access on NAO V6

Posted 12 months ago by Johan. mullern-aspegren

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Johan. mullern-aspegren

Hi all! 

I am logging in to our NAO V6 using ssh as user 'nao' 

But it is impossible to get root access using 'su'. I provide password 'root' as displayed in the documentation but to no avail

Here is the error message:

(base) johndoe@MacBook-Pro ~ % ssh nao@nn.nnn.nn.nn

(nao@nn.nnn.nn.nn) Password: 

nao [0~ $ su


su: Authentication failure

nao [err 1~ $ 

I have tried it on two separate NAOs where the latter one was just booted up the first time and no changed to password has been done

Kindest regards


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William. girardot posted 11 months ago

They told me they disabled the root access in the last NaoOS update ( 2.7). For me, It was working with 2.6.

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Viviana Oberhofer posted 11 months ago

I have the same problem. Did you receive an answer to your ticket already? - for me telnet did not work, nor did any other methods such as connecting through remote desktop but this unfortunately did not work. 

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ML posted 11 months ago

I think I read somewhere that root access is not possible over SSH. maybe try telnet

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