Launching / exiting an activity

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Autonomous Life: ON     |     basic Channel: ON     |     At least one app/activity must be installed

To start an activity :

  • Make sure NAO is listening.

For further details, see: Talking with NAO.

  • Say:
    • Start” + the Activity name, or one of the Trigger sentences, if any.
    • NAO automatically starts the corresponding Activity .



     Autonomous Life: ON     |     basic Channel: ON     |     At least one app/activity must be installed and running

To stop an activity currently running:

  • Lay your hand on NAO‘s head:
    • palm on the top camera, and
    • fingers on the head tactile sensor
  • Hold your hand there for 1 second.

Feedback: a slight sound: “blop

  • Quickly remove your hand to stop the activity.

Feedback: click” sound, the eyes and status LEDs become green for a short moment.

After you remove your hand, the current Activity is stopped.


     If, for any reason, NAO has fallen on the floor, don’t worry !

     The current activity is automatically stopped and NAO tries to stand back up on his own.

     NAO tries to recover the last stable posture he was in (sitting or standing) and will not stop trying until this posture is recovered.

     When an attempt fails, NAO disables its Stiffness so a human can put NAO in a more favorable position, (sit or crouch). That way, NAO’s next attempt will be successful.

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